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Intern and Seasonal Staff of 2024

Hometown: Beltsville, MD


Job Love: I love helping people! Business owners, individuals, and employees all have unique situations that I enjoy helping them navigate and understand!


Foodie Faves:The Duck Club from Tattooed Moose…I have dreams about that sandwich…


Family: My wife, Colleen, and I have two kids, Séamus and Leona, and one dog, Stono.


Hobbies: Golfing, working out, watching sports (baseball, hockey, and football particularly), and being outdoors.

Hometown: Marion, MA


Job Love: The people! I love how we all work together as a team.


Foodie Faves: Tacos & hot sauce.


Family: One mini goldendoodle named Finn.


Hobbies: Tennis, paddleboarding, running, reading, beach walks with my puppy Finn!

Hometown: Charleston, SC


Job Love: Organizing financial information, helping clients understand their finances, and meeting deadlines.


Hobbies: Music, collecting vinyls, reading, podcasts, being in nature.


Inspiration: My grandfather immigrated to the US in the 1920s and grew up in a foster home in Long Island during the Great Depression.


Lifelong Learner: Learn to play the synth and keyboards.

Hometown: James Island, SC


Job Love: Tax planning with clients year-round and watching their businesses and families grow.


Family: Married to my husband, Donnie and have a son, Donnie III and kitty cat, Dakota.


Bucket List: To visit the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Success: Be comfortable and confident with yourself and all you do! Always walk with your chin up!

Hometown: Athens, TN


Job Love: Helping clients save money!


Family: Husband, Travis and our two little ones, Silas and Felicity


Inspiration: The goals Travis and I have set for our future.


Success: Success is early retirement.

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL


Job Love: The ability to assist people and the opportunity to learn something new constantly.


Family: I have two wonderful children, Hailey and Hakeem.


Bucket List: Disney Tokyo and Disney Paris.


Success: Achieving the goals you set for yourself while always moving the goal post to do more.

Hometown: Born in Houston, TX, but call Braintree, MA home for 30+ years.


Job Love: I love working with Charter Schools to obtain grant funding to support the school, teachers, staff and ultimately the benefit of the children’s education.


Foodie Faves: Definitely have a sweet tooth – Krispy Kreme donuts, pecan pralines, lemon meringue, and all things related to CHOCOLATE!


Family: My fur baby, Maggie May, here in SC. Daughter and son-in-law in Washington DC and son and daughter-in-law in MA. Still waiting for that first grandbaby!


Best Advice: “Always stay humble and kind.” – Tim McGraw

Hometown: Charleston, SC


Job Love: Co-workers are AWESOME!


Foodie Faves: Italian.


Family: Husband, Scott. 1 Son, 1 Grandchild, 3 Grandpets.


Bucket List: Travel to Italy and Ireland.

Hometown: Rochester, NY


Job Love: Being able to help owners better understand their businesses and provide accurate information to support them in making business decisions.


Hobbies: Running, hiking, traveling, and photography.


Bucket List: Hike the tallest mountains in every state. Run a marathon. Visit all MLB parks.


Lifelong Learner: I am currently learning how to speak Spanish. I would love to learn to build a house from start to finish.

Hometown: West Ashley, SC


Job Love: Being able to assist coworkers and clients.


Family: My love Elvin, 2 kids Zhana’ and Terry, 3 bonus daughters Jada, Jabria, Kayla, 2 bonus sons EJ and Jamal, 2 Grandbabies Braxton and Bella, and 1 fur baby, Chance!


Bucket List: Start a nonprofit for teen girls, Travel to Africa, Jump out of a plane, and Go to a Super Bowl game.


Best Advice: You only fall if you don’t try.

Hometown: Charleston, born and raised


Job Love: The people, we have a great staff!


Hobbies: Working on cars


Inspiration: David Goggins


Lifelong Learner: I’d love to learn more languages

Hometown: Born in Iowa but call Mt. Pleasant my home after living here almost 40 years.


Job Love: I love working with clients and enjoy seeing them and talking to them each year. I love the tax season hours and bigger paychecks.


Inspiration: It inspires me to learn from watching people and how they become successful.


Success: I am a happy person and satisfied with my life and choices I have made along the way. I may not be in the highest position, but I will be the BEST in the position I am given.


Lifelong Learner: I always try to do my best every day. If ever I make a mistake, to learn from it and never repeat it.

Hometown: Etna, CA


Job Love: I love that I work for a company that values their employees, gives back to the community and fosters a true work life balance on top of working with amazing clients.


Family: I have two adult children. One lives locally in Goose Creek and one lives in Nashville, TN.


Hobbies: Reading and any adventure like hiking, road trips, and sky diving.


Bucket List: Travel and explore Australia. Own a cabin in the mountains.

Hometown: Oley, PA


Job Love: Interacting with coworkers and helping clients succeed!


Bucket List: Skydive in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


Hobbies: Playing and watching sports


Foodie Faves: Burgers and Fries

Hometown: Charleston, SC


Job Love: Our amazing Support Staff!


Foodie Faves: Seafood


Bucket List: Trip to Santorini, Greece


Best Advice: Don’t rush through life; slow down and live in the moment!

Hometown: Muncie, IN


Job Love: Working directly with some great clients.


Foodie Faves: Love Mexican food and seafood.


Family: Wonderful husband and 3 beautiful children.


Bucket List: Lots of travel overseas.

Hometown: Fountain Inn, SC


Job Love: Helping my clients and working with a great group of people


Hobbies: Running


Bucket List: Run the 6 major World Marathons (I’ve got 3 left!)


Best Advice: Relax your perspective

Hometown: Toms River, NJ


Job Love: I love the people I work with, and I love that I get to help clients as well.


Foodie Faves: I love all food! But, if I had to choose, it would be pizza and sushi.


Hobbies: Pickle ball and Yoga.


Bucket List: I would love to travel to every country.

Hometown: Westerly, RI


Job Love: I love coming into work and knowing that there is always going to be more for me to learn so it will never get


Family: I love my family – Husband, Wesley, our two daughters, Olivia and Jordyn, and our two dogs, Zoe and Fenrir.


Hobbies: I enjoy kayaking, crocheting, reading, and spending time being crazy with family and friends.


Inspiration: My husband who served 20 years in the Navy, missed years with his family, stayed strong through life’s many difficulties and still has such a positive outlook on life. He is my biggest supporter and the kind of person I strive to be.

Hometown: West Columbia, SC


Job Love: I enjoy working with so many different personalities, both inside and outside of my team!


Hobbies: I enjoy anything similar to a puzzle like riddles, escape rooms, mystery games, etc.


Best Advice: If you’re trying, you’re succeeding.


Lifelong Learner: I would love to learn Sign Language!

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV


Job Love: You get to spend your time helping clients problem solve and help them to achieve their business goals.


Family: 4 Kids: Kennedie, Hannah, Tre, and Bronson. 2 Doggies: Jager and Whiskey. 1 Grandchild: Elliott.


Bucket List: Northern Lights in Finland.


Best Advice: Find a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Hometown: Rich Square, NC


Job Love: I love working with our clients and staff to meet our mutual goals.


Foodie Faves: Pizza.


Hobbies: Volleyball and cooking.


Success: Success is always having a goal you can reach.

Hometown: Mifflintown, PA


Job Love: Constantly learning new things and getting to know clients more each year!


Hobbies: Some include rock climbing, volleyball on the beach, tennis, painting, and learning new fun facts.


Bucket List: Skydiving!


Success: Being your best and happiest self with people you love.

Hometown: Charleston, SC


Job Love: Working with different types of businesses.


Foodie Faves: Matt’s Burgers!


Family: My wife and I have three children, one dog, and one guinea pig.


Bucket List: Catch a state record fish.

Hometown: Born in Cleveland, OH but call Westford, NY my hometown.


Job Love: Love getting to know every single detail of my clients in order to feel confident that I am providing A+ service.


Hobbies: Going to the beach, coffee shops, child-friendly activities, and watching the Indianapolis Colts.


Bucket List: Travel all over the USA to include the Redwood Forest, Rocky Mountains, and the volcanos and lava caves of Hawaii and Portland, OR.


Inspiration: Peyton Manning

Hometown: Charleston, SC


Job Love: The ability to work a hybrid work week – remotely and in-office.


Family: Husband, son, and my cat.


Hobbies: Playing handbells at church.


Inspiration: My dad.

Hometown: Summerville, SC


Job Love: The thing I love the most about my job is the clients. I enjoy meeting so many new people.


Hobbies: I love any form of dancing. I am a member of a beach shag group that is such a good way to unwind and have fun.


Bucket List: I want to travel the U.S. There is so much beauty in this country that I would love to see.


Success: I define success by looking at my children. Knowing that I raised two successful, kind-hearted children is so satisfying to me.

Hometown: Fort Mill, SC


Job Love: I love the team-oriented environment at work. It allows me to collaborate with and learn from experienced professionals.


Bucket List: I’ve always wanted to hike the entire length of the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest, or the Continental Divide trail.


Best Advice: Remember to enjoy the journey and appreciate the present moment, rather than just focusing on the end goal.


Success: Success to me is about finding balance in all aspects of life, including work, relationships, and personal well-being.

Hometown: Spartanburg, SC


Job Love: The best feeling is when clients show appreciation for the work I do for them.


Family: The sweetest Labradoodle, Muttsy.


Hobbies: Reading or listening to audiobooks.


Lifelong Learner: I would love to learn how to cook some impressive dishes.

Hometown: Chesterfield, VA


Job Love: Working with different clients, learning how to best serve them and make their life easier!


Hobbies: Visiting Disney World, Knoxville to watch the TN Vols, new restaurants, time with family and friends!


Best Advice: “A setback is a setup for a comeback!”


Success: Constantly growing, learning, and not settling for mediocrity. Putting your all into everything you do and pushing yourself to be the best version of yourself.

Hometown: Columbia, SC


Job Love: I love the work environment and the people.


Bucket List: Travel to as many countries as possible.


Inspiration: My mom and grandmother were strong women who are no longer on Earth but taught me strength. My dear friend, Michelle, fought breast cancer while showing grace, compassion, and her amazing heart to anyone who knew her.


Lifelong Learner: Write for a travel blog or magazine.

Hometown: I moved around a lot being in the military, but the place I consider home is South Florida.


Job Love: I love that I get to work at a place where I enjoy going to everyday and being able to learn new things constantly.


Family: I have a huge family consisting of my wonderful husband Mike, our two children Vega and Xay, and our fur babies Chairo and Kitana.


Hobbies: I love everything about art. Painting, plays, and being creative. I also love playing sports.


Best Advice: Learn as if you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow.

Hometown: Summerville, SC


Job Love: The relationships made with my coworkers and clients. The problem-solving piece of work and the growth and development I’ve seen in my work.


Hobbies: Going to the gym / bodybuilding.


Foodie Faves: UGH. I love all kinds of food and trying new things. All time favorite? Potatoes because they come in all shapes, sizes, and deliciousness.


Best Advice: Comparison is the thief of joy.

Hometown: Danbury, CT


Job Love: I thrive on making daunting stacks of paperwork from clients turn into beautifully, neatly filed, and most importantly handled stacks.


Best Advice: Be kind to people; treat people as you would like to be treated!


Inspiration: A warm smile!


Success: Seeing what great adults my kids have become brings me the greatest joy.

Hometown: Thayer, MO, population 2,206


Job Love: I love teaching clients and fellow employees so that they can better understand financial data. Love it when they have that AHA moment!


Bucket List: Visit all 50 states; up to 38 currently!


Best Advice: Change is inevitable, learn to embrace it. Be slow to anger and always ready to listen.


Inspiration: My mom. She came to the US by herself as a 17-year old only knowing three words of English. Three years later, she graduated from high school!

Hometown: Due West, SC


Job Love: Working with clients to help them grow their businesses and organizations.


Family: Wife, Emma, and two Boykin Spaniels, Titus and Tealy.


Hobbies: Hunting and Fishing!


Lifelong Learner: Learn how to weld.

Hometown: Michigan


Job Love: I get to spend my time helping other people.


Foodie Favs: NICO, Mt. Pleasant


Bucket List: Play golf in every state!


Lifelong Learner: Speak 5 languages.

Hometown: Canton, OH


Job Love: Our team. We feel more like a family than coworkers!


Family: Three sweet kiddos that I absolutely adore!


Best Advice: Have courage and be kind.


Lifelong Learner: Learn to play the piano.

Hometown: Anderson, SC


Job Love: Getting to know our clients, building those relationships and finding ways to provide value to them outside of just performing our A&A work.


Family: Married to my husband, Ryan, with our two fur babies, Oscar and Rosie.


Bucket List: Travel the world!


Best advice: Live like there is no tomorrow, because tomorrow isn’t always promised.

Hometown: Charleston, SC


Job Love: Running into various problems and finding different ways to solve those problems.


Foodie Faves: Sandwiches.


Hobbies: Cycling.


Best Advice: There are no solutions, only tradeoffs.

This sharp-shooter from Texas is always up for a challenge. Beyond the shooting range, she certainly hits the bullseye in the way of customer service for her clients. Whether it’s businesses, schools, or individuals, Paige balances books better than a tight rope walker over Niagara Falls… and she’ll do it with no hands! When she does decide to use her hands, it is normally to knock down pins in her bowling league or make her home even more awesome that it already is with a home-improvement project. After all, power tools are the mortal equivalent to making her feel as invincible as Wonder Woman.

Definition of Success: Success is doing your very best. Everyone is going to make mistakes, have set backs, or things just not go as planned. But if you get back up, dust yourself off, and keep putting your best effort into everything you do, then in my book, you are successful.

Chapter 1: The Bookworm Becomes a Bookkeeper. Having grown up on the South Carolina coast, Amy expertly fills her beach bag with all the essentials: a towel, SPF 40, and most importantly, a good book. Amy graduated from fiction to finances as she used her bookworm powers to transform into a bookkeeper butterfly that soars above the rest. As an economic protagonist, she makes it her mission to help clients’ get their financial lives in order. Although reading still plays a prominent role in the plot of Amy’s life, there is another chapter left to explore by way of travel. With many countries and cities left to visit on her list, we can’t wait to turn the page and see where Amy’s travels will take her!


Definition of Success: “Success is knowing that you have done your best job and can be proud of the work you have done.”

This beauty is also a beast when it comes to crunching numbers! Valerie is in charge of Veris’ books, lighting our financial path like the infamous Lumière. She would be the first to admit that some of her knowledge on balancing books probably stems from her passion for shopping. After all, it is important to ensure a healthy balance of fashion, frivolities, and finances in one’s personal life! We are glad Valerie made her way down to the Lowcountry from West Virginia, even if it was just to get closer to her happiest place on Earth; Walt Disney World. Even for a bookkeeper, it takes a considerable amount of calculation to determine the number of times she’s visited the Magic Kingdom. We don’t blame her though, as it is where dreams come true, especially in the company of her cherished friends and family.

Definition of Success: “I define success as a feeling of accomplishment, but the key to success is being happy.”

Hometown: Maryland is my native home, but is now SC.


Job Love: Fixing things! Whether it’s an IT issue or a process that needs improving, I love being part of the solution that makes Veris top notch!


Family: Enjoying life with Pete and our five cats.


Hobbies: Playing piano, reading, gardening, and I love game nights with family!


Success: Success is being able to do what you love, both in and out of work, every day.

Hometown: New Orleans, LA


Job Love: Working together as a team and interacting with clients.


Family: Mom, Dad, Younger brother Benjamin, and Santiago, beloved family dog / dad’s favorite child!


Hobbies: Yoga, cooking, trying new restaurants, drinking wine.


Bucket List: Go on a cruise to Antarctica.

Hometown: Sayreville, NJ


Job Love: Tax Returns! I love putting all the puzzle pieces together and preparing all kinds of tax returns.


Bucket List: See a baseball game in all 30 MLB stadiums (15 so far)!


Hobbies: Reading, running, going to concerts/baseball games, hanging out with my hubby!

Hometown: A small island town on Lake Champlain in VT.


Job Love: The people! I love that I get to work with everyone at our Firm.


Family: We welcomed our amazing daughter, Rosalie, in 2023. Our dog pack of 5 rescue dogs were (mostly) happy to have a small human to play with.


Hobbies: Anything outside! Hiking, paddleboarding, gardening, biking, kayaking, etc. Bonus if I can include my daughter and dogs.


Bucket List: I have a lot of places I would like to travel to, but I would also love to learn new languages, learn to surf, and ride in a hot air balloon.

Hometown: Fairfield, CT


Job Love: Having fun being a creative storyteller for all things Veris. Can you really love a job this much? Oh, yes, you can!


Foodie Faves: I live for anything coconut or avocado.


Hobbies: Whipping up creative meals, boating, gardening, traveling to new places, and I am a bird enthusiast!


Success: Never lose sight of the fact that the most important yardstick of your success will be how you treat other people.

Hometown: Charleston, SC


Job Love: Having work / life balance.


Hobbies: Reading, swimming, going to the theater, and history.


Best Advice: Give people grace and take time to get to know yourself.


Lifelong Learner: Change a flat tire, play the piano, and speak French fluently.

Hometown: Byron, IL


Job Love: The people I work with and how we are a team.


Family: One child, 2 dogs, and 1 cat. Daughter Maddi, and fur babies Dakota, Fitz, and River.


Hobbies: Hiking, kayaking, or anything outdoors.


Bucket List: To see the Northern Lights.

Although Micah is a local-born Charlestonian, the first 10 years of his childhood were spent in the Cajun crock-pot of Louisiana. This blend of sweet, Southern charm and spicy Bayou seasoning, personify Micah rather delectably! A self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades, Micah has worked all kinds of positions (from bartender to paint mixer), and studied at least 6 college majors! In the end, it was his passion for helping people that landed him at Veris once and for all. When he’s off the clock, Micah enjoys spending quality time with his family, preferably on a beach in Jamaica, with a good book in one hand and a rum cocktail in the other.

Definition of Success: “Success to me is simple: All I want to do is to build a legacy by which my children grow up in an environment of comfort and stability so that they can do the same things for their children.”

Hometown: Riverside, CA


Job Love: Reconciling everything!


Foodie Faves: Mellow Mushroom pizza.


Hobbies: Video games, dog parks, and car meets.


Success: Success is when you don’t need a vacation.

Hometown: Keyser, WV


Job Love: Coaching both clients and employees.


Food Faves: Chocolate, French fries, and pizza.


Family: Three kiddos: Mackenzie, Sienna, and Asher. Two kitties, Hermione and Rajah.


Best Advice: Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.

Hometown: Lonaconing “The Crick”, MD


Job Love: Educating clients and helping them with informed financial decisions.


Hobbies: Cycling, running, and hiking.


Inspiration: Outdoor adventure / endurance pursuits.


Lifelong Learner: Backcountry ski and understand avalanche risks.

Hometown: Akron, OH


Job Love: My favorite part is building relationships. Being a difference maker for my clients or my team and helping them meet their goals fills up my cup!


Foodie Faves: Pizza, BBQ, Burger and French fries, and diner food. All the things my doctor tries to get me to eat less of, LOL!


Hobbies: Snowboarding, traveling, finding new coffee shops to visit with my wife.


Bucket List: Drive an F1 racecar.

Hometown: Lake Charles, LA


Job Love: Being able to take information in any condition and making it into something useful.


Foodie Faves: Self-proclaimed foodie, there are not too many things I am not willing to try.


Success: To be surrounded with unconditional love.


Lifelong Learner: Would love to learn a new language.