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It was in the hills of West Virginia that Melissa developed a love for family, food, and of course, accounting. With over 15 years of experience in completing and managing both audit and tax work, Melissa now finds herself submerged in client accounting services. Acting as a CFO for organizations, she stays busy budgeting, projecting, analyzing cash flow, and guiding a top-notch outsourced accounting program. Like her husband Justin, she too is passionate about teaching and believes that communication is key. Whether training board members, coaching business managers, or leading the way for the company’s audit and bookkeeping staff, Melissa is the epitome of “More Than Numbers”!


When she’s not running from client meetings to business conferences, you might find Melissa walking the Disney parks with her children or training for her next marathon. After all, lots of exercise means she can partake in eating yummy food and scheduling more Disney race trips! Being so close to her “happiest place on earth” has not discouraged Melissa from traveling far, as one day she hopes to spend at least a month exploring the land down-under.


Definition of Success: “Happiness – not only mine, but the happiness of my family and employees.”

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Hailing from Western Maryland, Justin has settled into the Lowcountry quite nicely with over 20 years of experience in the industry. His expertise spans across many service areas with extensive experience and knowledge in income taxes and planning, assurance and audit work, outsourced accounting and reporting, and advisory services. He is passionate about his clients’ best interest and with the heart of a teacher offers planning, coaching, and consulting meetings in order to maximize their profitability and minimize their taxes. Although he thinks Sherlock Holmes might be a tad cliché, Justin’s experience also includes conducting financial fraud investigations sans the pipe and hat. Clients are able to wash their hands of worry in regard to new laws and regulations as Justin maintains current knowledge of all-things accounting, auditing, fraud, and tax.


Whether it be a pile of paperwork or a mountainous terrain, Justin is always up for the mental and physical challenge of making it to the top! When he is not behind his desk, Justin is likely planning a trip North Carolina to enjoy the fresh mountain air with his wife Melissa and their three children, Mackenzie, Sienna, and Asher. No matter where he is, Justin appreciates exploring the great outdoors by way of his favorite past times: cycling, hiking, and running.


Definition of Success: “Completing a worthy goal and looking for the next challenge.”

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When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, Russell’s answer was always, “An astronaut!” However, upon entering 9th grade, Russell’s height, much like his aspirations, had shot for the stars and, unfortunately, surpassed NASA’s limit of 6 feet 3 inches. It was then that he realized he needed a backup plan. After taking his first accounting class, he quickly became over the moon and knew it was the profession for which he had been searching! Russell has been an accountant now for over 10 years. Although his knowledge spans across many areas of expertise, one of his favorite things to do is advise both individual and business clients alike on their potential for growth in regard to revenue and savings. Russell enjoys working with people and helping them get to where they want to go; like boarding a metaphorical spaceship to financial heaven.


In his down time, Russell likes to absorb knowledge and stories by way of books; Pulitzer Prize fiction books to be exact! Reading them all is on his bucket list. What else does Russell aspire to? Catching a state record fish and visiting New Zealand and Patagonia to fly fish in their crystal-clear waters.


Definition of Success: “Providing for my family and meeting personal goals. Hopefully one day getting all my children out of the house.”

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As it turns out, Chris and LeBron James have a lot in common: (1) they both grew up in Akron, Ohio, (2) they are both MVP husbands, and (3) they both stand by the quote, “Nothing is given. Everything is earned.” Since earning his position on the McCay Kiddy team, Chris has gone above and beyond. When it comes to financial examination, it is nothing-but-net for this Audit Manager! Aside from hard-work, Chris does believe in luck in that he was fortunate to marry his best friend, Rachel. Together they enjoy partaking in Chris’s delicious homemade pizzas, snapping selfies, and exploring the earth’s elegance through travel.


Definition of Success: Happiness attained from exceptional and genuine relationships and achieving one’s personal goals.

After a brief stint in retail and even briefer stint waitressing, this North Carolina native decided to turn the 20% tips into 100% passion for her degree. With her Masters in Accounting and over 13 years’ experience at McCay Kiddy, Brooke will teach you anything you want to know, don’t want to know, and didn’t expect to find out about taxes. You can also address her by her alias, Cap’n Brooke, although she would probably advise otherwise. She is happiest on the water, breathing in the fresh sea air, and enjoying the company of her 1st mate/husband Big Donnie and 2nd mate/son Donnie III. Although there are no talking parrots aboard this ship, Brooke does have a cat who lacks the passion for the sea, but is loved by the crew nonetheless.

Definition of Success: “Success is being comfortable and confident with yourself and knowing that you are doing and have done your best to achieve (or not achieve) a goal. It is not about money or a title, but about what you contribute and teach others.“

Once upon a time, in the Tennessee foothills, a soon to be card-playing phenomenon was born! Playing (and winning) all manner of card games with her family was where Jackie’s fascination for numbers first began. Beginner’s luck turned into beginner’s success when, during her Junior year of High School, she got her first job as a bookkeeper at her local Ingles grocery store. From there her knowledge of numbers and discounted food only multiplied. Beyond climbing the career ladder, Jackie also has a knack for hiking. One of her favorite memories is hiking the Kesugi Ridge Trail in Denali State Park with her husband, whom she admires for his ability to see the bigger picture in life and willingness to guide her through it.


Definition of Success: “Success is daily living my life for Christ.”

“I like big numbers and I cannot lie! You other auditors can’t deny…” Whether Rachel is singing a song or dropping a hip hop rhyme, we promise it won’t be a waste of your time. Not only does Rachel know how to freestyle, she’ll compile your versatile audit files with a smile! Growing up in the Buckeye State, Rachel was starved for coastal delights. Now, with the coast only 15 miles away instead of 500, that’s a number change she’s happy to verify any day. More than anything she enjoys strolling the shores with her best friend and husband, Chris. The only thing that might top views of sand castles would be a family trip to a real castle in Prague to take in the sights and check off her bucket list.


Definition of Success: “The most successful people are people who are pursuing their passion(s) in life and are surrounded by people who love and care for them unconditionally.”

Flipping through Mallory’s grade-school notebooks, one would find clusters of color coding, heaps of highlighting, and loads of labeling. In other words, the masterpiece of a type-A note taker. As it turns out, that “A” stood for Accounting, as she fell in love with the first introductory class she ever took. From there it’s been nothin’ but numbers for Mal. Raised in a town called Ninety-Six (yes, 100 minus 4) with her beloved family of four, she holds true to the belief that family and friends come first. Aside from her 9 to 5, her hobbies include a wholesome balance of nutrition, exercise, binge watching Netflix, and dreaming about her future travels across the pond to Paris.


Definition of Success: “Success has many definitions in my book. Success to me is the drive to keep going after you fail, it’s knowing your flaws and working towards improvement everyday. It’s the willingness to learn and keep learning and never settling for ‘good enough’.”

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Kaylee states this is the best advice she has ever received, and thus lives her life accordingly. Starting McCay Kiddy as an intern, she worked her way up through individual and business tax returns and is now expanding her knowledge with the audit team. Multi-versed at work and at play, this native South Carolinian enjoys spending a beautiful day playing golf, kayaking the coast, soaking up rays on the beach, or traveling. One day, Kaylee hopes to book her ultimate Euro-trip abroad, specifically to Greece and Italy, where she can spend time enjoying the beaches, architecture, and local cuisine.


Definition of Success: Being successful is living the life you truly want and deserve and not settling. Always setting goals for yourself, both in your personal life and career. Moving forward and refusing to stand still.

Following in the footsteps of her amazing bookkeeper mother, Nicole got into the numbers game early. It all started with a lesson on how to maintain a check register to balance the beaucoup bucks Nicole made from babysitting. After discovering her knack for numbers, it wasn’t long before Nicole’s mom had her reconciling both her and her dad’s bank statements! Nicole now loves offering tax guidance for many of our clients so they too, can understand the wonderful world of accounting. Hailing from the great state of Kentucky, Nicole has found her happy place near the sand and the sea with her husband and baby mermaid, Adalynn.


Definition of Success: “Working your hardest and putting your best foot forward. Never letting someone tell you that you cannot do something!”

Well balanced QuickBooks and fine matching linens, organized spreadsheets and bright shiny sequins, paisleys and florals and jewelry with bling, these are a few of her favorite things! This fashionista from Louisiana is primarily responsible for accounting services related to our clients’ fiscal management, as well as understanding how to successfully execute plaid pants. Although these are very important (and difficult) concepts to grasp, Jenara easily conquers both, and she does it in heels. Healthy relationships are important to Jenara, as she believes that people who feel appreciated will always do more than what is expected. She puts her belief to practice in treating her clients, friends, and family with the utmost respect, encouraging them to reach their fullest potential. A homebody at heart, Jenara feels most alive when she’s spending quality time with her family, and a little online shopping never hurt.


Definition of Success: “Success means being happy with where you are and living in a state of constant growth, not just for yourself, but able to facilitate growth in those around you in any way you can.”

This sharp-shooter from Texas is always up for a challenge. Beyond the shooting range, she certainly hits the bullseye in the way of customer service for her clients. Whether it’s businesses, schools, or individuals, Paige balances books better than a tight rope walker over Niagara Falls… and she’ll do it with no hands! When she does decide to use her hands, it is normally to knock down pins in her bowling league or make her home even more awesome that it already is with a home-improvement project. After all, power tools are the mortal equivalent to making her feel as invincible as Wonder Woman.

Definition of Success: Success is doing your very best. Everyone is going to make mistakes, have set backs, or things just not go as planned. But if you get back up, dust yourself off, and keep putting your best effort into everything you do, then in my book, you are successful.

Meet Alyssa. By day, she is McCay Kiddy’s point person for all things payroll.  By night, her free time is spent with her family competitively racing go-karts! Not only does her competitive nature come through on the track, but also on the clock. With our many Charter School clients cheering her on, Alyssa ensures that deadlines are met with checkered flags flying.  Her beloved daughter is who Alyssa credits for her incredible drive; affirming that because of her, she will not fail. Alyssa proudly served our country before establishing a career in the accounting world. Though her enlistment caused her to live many places, she always felt South Carolina summoning her back home. Happy to be back on the coast, Alyssa enjoys racing to the beach to spend what’s left of her down time soaking in the sun.


Definition of Success: “The steps you take don’t need to be big. They just need to take you in the right direction.”

Cats and Quickbooks are the name of the game for this feline-lovin’ bookkeeper extraordinaire. When she’s not straightening out books and crunching numbers for our multitude of charter school clients, you can usually find Kristen lounging with her three beloved cats. Hailing from New England, Kristen has taken a liking for the Lowcountry’s state parks and local craft beer, though nothing can fill the void in her heart the way New England clam chowder does. Other things Kristen enjoys? Listening to “True Crime Garage” podcast, crafting, and dreaming about the RV trip she plans to take cross-country.

Definition of Success: “Success is defined by effort. If you are doing your best and working your hardest then you are succeeding.”

This equestrian-loving, excel-balancing bookkeeper galloped here all the way from Washington state! Growing up, she had an affinity with horseback riding, and at the young age of 12, got her first job cleaning horse stables. The job was stinky, yet lucrative, and after a year of hard work, sweat, and determination she achieved her dream of owning her very own chestnut horse! She still loves spending her time horsing around outdoors, but has since harnessed her interests for the world of accounting. Some may call her the best budgeting bookkeeper in the southeast… we call her Kaylee.


Definition of success: “I define success by my ability to complete small and large goals. As long as I continue to strive forward and keep learning and growing, meeting those goals, I will feel successful.”

Chapter 1: The Bookworm Becomes a Bookkeeper. Having grown up on the South Carolina coast, Amy expertly fills her beach bag with all the essentials: a towel, SPF 40, and most importantly, a good book. Amy graduated from fiction to finances as she used her bookworm powers to transform into a bookkeeper butterfly that soars above the rest. As an economic protagonist, she makes it her mission to help clients’ get their financial lives in order. Although reading still plays a prominent role in the plot of Amy’s life, there is another chapter left to explore by way of travel. With many countries and cities left to visit on her list, we can’t wait to turn the page and see where Amy’s travels will take her!


Definition of Success: “Success is knowing that you have done your best job and can be proud of the work you have done.”

This beauty is also a beast when it comes to crunching numbers! Valerie is in charge of McCay Kiddy’s books, lighting our financial path like the infamous Lumière. She would be the first to admit that some of her knowledge on balancing books probably stems from her passion for shopping. After all, it is important to ensure a healthy balance of fashion, frivolities, and finances in one’s personal life! We are glad Valerie made her way down to the Lowcountry from West Virginia, even if it was just to get closer to her happiest place on Earth; Walt Disney World. Even for a bookkeeper, it takes a considerable amount of calculation to determine the number of times she’s visited the Magic Kingdom. We don’t blame her though, as it is where dreams come true, especially in the company of her cherished friends and family.


Definition of Success: “I define success as a feeling of accomplishment, but the key to success is being happy.”

What do hip hop dancing and operations have in common? Maneuvering, passion, attention to detail… and Natalie. She loves keeping the rhythm here at McCay Kiddy with her piano-trained fingers continuously typing up new procedures in order to improve efficiency. Inspired by the challenge of mastering a new skill, Natalie is always increasing her knowledge.  Whether it be new stuff in Excel, technology, or what her six cats are demanding of her, nothing holds back this Maryland native.  Not even the Atlantic Ocean will stop her, as one day she plans to groove her way over to Disneyland in Paris, France.


Definition of Success: “Success is being able to do what you love, both in and out of work, every day.”

Fairing from Fairfield, Connecticut is our oh-so-lovely Director of Marketing, Sharon. She has a gift for connecting with people and spreading the word that, despite the stereotype, our accountants are not your average pencil-pushing, pocket protector wearing, calculator tapping type folks. She and her patriotic, helicopter-flying husband landed in the Lowcountry over 25 years ago to focus on family and raise their two amazing children. When they are not boating the ICW or cheering on the Gamecocks, Sharon is back to basics in the kitchen, crafting a mouth-watering four course meal from five basket ingredients. We know what you’re thinking, and no, unfortunately there isn’t a “Subscribe” button for that.


Definition of Success: “Never lose sight of the fact that the most important yardstick of your success will be how you treat other people.” Barbara Bush

After abandoning her childhood aspirations of becoming a fairy, Alison decided a career in business was a suitable backup. Combining her interest in business with her artistic flair, she decided to complete a degree in Arts Management, and hasn’t looked back since. Her favorite color is ochre and her second favorite color is organization. When she’s not keeping things in line at the front desk, she can be found frolicking around town with her friends, visiting her native Nashvillian family, or creating something… anything!


Definition of Success: “Success is being satisfied.”

One might say that Ashley is a metaphorical business buttress, professional pillar, and brace of the workplace. With a passion for helping and connecting with people, she fits into her role as support staff better than Cinderella’s foot fit into that dangerously-crafted glass slipper. Ashley has been officially dubbed the biggest bookworm of the office and unofficially dubbed the most likely to be a hand model. As a true-born local Charlestonian, Ashley loves being on the water, long and romantic walks to her local street taco vendor, and volunteering for her Church.


Definition of success:A peace of mind in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.” – Wooden

In her family’s suburban home in Charlottesville, Virginia, a 14-year-old Kate sat with her freshly-sharpened #2 pencil attempting to reconcile her earnings from cashiering with her spending of Spice Girls CD’s. As she sat there, idly twirling her scrunchie-bound ponytail, she thought, “There has to be a better way.” Years later, during her elective accounting class, a metaphorical gong of realization rang throughout her brain; this was what she was looking for all along! With an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degree later, Kate joined our team, balancing books like the natural bookkeeper she was born to be. Along with kicking around numbers, she’s incredibly skilled at soccer and plays on a local recreational soccer team! Kate is inspired by persistence and determination to never settle for anything but the best.


Definition of success: “Good health and happiness.”

Growing up in Spartanburg, SC, Benny was drawn to math like a moth to a flame. After years of math classes, bookkeeping turned out to be the metaphorical lighter fluid that ignited his passion! He has found that bookkeeping offers a nice balance between pragmatism and client interaction; keeping him laser-focused on his customer-service-oriented toes. Now here’s a math problem for you: If Benny enjoys the great outdoors, owns 5 video games, 5 guitars, and 1 camera and has mastered them all, what is his favorite hobby? If you don’t know the answer, that’s alright, neither does Benny.


Definition of success: “Success is giving your best to continually improve yourself to reach your goals.”

“On your mark, get set, GO!” This is how Skylar starts the day, every day. Whether it’s racing to work or racing to a marathon’s finish line, Skylar welcomes the challenge. She got her start in the accounting world by keeping track of purchase orders and puppies at an animal shelter in her Pennsylvania hometown. Although the job was full of cuteness, after 5 years of loyalty, it became time for young Skylar to bark up a different tree. She earned her Bachelors in Accounting at Robert Morris University and loved it so much that she decided to obtain a Masters in the field. With all this knowledge under her belt, along with over 100 races, Skylar’s ready to run & reconcile your books any day of the week.


Definition of success: Always challenging yourself both professionally and personally. By challenging yourself, you are able to enhance your skills and learn new things!”

Although Micah is a local-born Charlestonian, the first 10 years of his childhood were spent in the Cajun crock-pot of Louisiana. This blend of sweet, Southern charm and spicy Bayou seasoning, personify Micah rather delectably! A self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades, Micah has worked all kinds of positions (from bartender to paint mixer), and studied at least 6 college majors! In the end, it was his passion for helping people that landed him on bookkeeping once and for all. When he’s off the clock, Micah enjoys spending quality time with his family, preferably on a beach in Jamaica, with a good book in one hand and a rum cocktail in the other.


Definition of Success: “Success to me is simple: All I want to do is to build a legacy by which my children grow up in an environment of comfort and stability so that they can do the same things for their children.”

Hailing from the tiny town of Bostic, North Carolina, Jenny proves that just because you come from a small town, doesn’t mean you can’t have a big personality! To match her personality is her love for accounting. She enjoys problem-solving with Charter School clients on their accounts; it’s like a perfectly practical puzzle that she gets to decipher daily! Jenny believes that life is really quite simple when you think of it like an accountant. She advises, “When something is no longer an asset in your life, it has become a liability.” A few things in Jenny’s asset column include accounting, cruises to the Caribbean, professional cake decorating, and (one day) indulging her daring side by way of skydiving.

Definition of Success: “Enjoying what I do. If you love your work, you never work a day in your life.”