Taxes and Advanced Planning

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Taxes and Advanced Planning

YES! You can really meet with a CPA more than once a year. Your search is over!

Seeking a professionals help once a year is great if that professional is your doctor, but when it comes to your personal or business finances, once a year is simply not enough. A lot can happen in a year! We strive to get to know you and know the changes in your life events which may have ramifications on your financial strategy. In order to have financials that ebb and flow with all that is going on in your business and/or your life, Veris makes things simple by setting up regular advanced planning meetings. Yes, that is more than once a year!

Veris Tax and Advanced Planning Highlights

  • Focus on tax savings, building net worth, and making prudent financial decisions
  • Our clients are saving $13,746* more towards retirement than the national average.
  • Our clients save an average of $4,811* more in income taxes than the average American when using our wealth building strategies.
  • Where else can you get a 35% return on your money?
  • Mid-year advanced planning meetings:
    • Tax projections
    • Tax strategy sessions
    • Proactive advice


* Source: National average data compared to sample of Veris client data.

  • Advanced tax planning
  • Business tax preparation
  • Income tax preparation for individuals
  • Fiduciary (trusts and estates)
  • Education on reading financial reports
  • Guidance with business operations and decisions
  • Multi-state reporting
  • Coaching on personal finance
  • Nonprofit tax reporting

Year-round relationship

Focusing on advanced planning

Tax savings and net worth building