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Veris CPA’s West Ashley location, strategically positioned near the vibrant Avondale area, has emerged as a dynamic hub for financial expertise in the Lowcountry. This office, which became part of Veris when they acquired the CPA firm of Wilson & Quirk in 2020, is conveniently situated close to downtown Charleston, catering to the diverse needs of both hip young professionals and families drawn to the lively atmosphere of Avondale, known for its trendy restaurants, boutiques, and night life.


Established through the acquisition, the West Ashley office reflects Veris CPA’s commitment to providing top-notch financial services. Boasting a team of more than 10 CPAs and professionals, this location offers a personalized touch to individuals and businesses seeking expert guidance in the realm of taxes and financial planning.

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Daniel Quirk, Jr.

At the helm of the West Ashley office is Tax Partner Russell Deal, who joined as an equity Partner of Veris as part of the acquisition of Wilson and Quirk in 2020. Bringing his wealth of experience to the forefront, Russell Deal leads the team with a proactive approach to providing tailored solutions for business owners and clients. The location also retained Danny Quirk, who continued as a Tax Director, ensuring continuity and expertise in the transition.

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Russell Deal

Working in tandem with Russell Deal is Brooke Skinner, Senior Tax Manager, adding a valuable layer of expertise to the team. With over 30 years of combined experience in individual and business taxes, Russell Deal and Brooke Skinner form a powerhouse partnership dedicated to delivering proactive solutions that align with the unique needs of their clients.

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Brooke Skinner

The West Ashley location positions itself as a strategic ally for businesses and individuals seeking financial success in the Lowcountry. Its proximity to Avondale adds to the allure, making it a convenient choice for those who appreciate the energetic lifestyle of this favorite locale. Whether you’re a hip young professional or a family looking for financial guidance, Veris CPA’s West Ashley office, enriched by the expertise of Russell Deal, Brooke Skinner, and Danny Quirk, is designed to be a trusted partner on your journey to financial prosperity.

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